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Text Message Marketing

he mobile cell phone is quickly becoming the go-to medium for couponing, chipping away at the 300 billion paper coupons issued every year in the United States.

According to a study by Juniper Research, mobile coupon use is expected to grow 30% in the next two years.

Mobile marketing can be used for almost all retail operations, with the primary objective being increasing customer traffic, patronage and REVENUE. Text Messaging is an unprecedented form of communication. No other channel in the history of marketing has had the immediacy.

How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Text marketing campaigns begin with a company creating a database of opt-in users. This is accomplished by the company promoting the campaign through its existing forms of advertising as well in-house advertising of the campaign. Customers then send a text message containing the keyword to a short code. For example, a fast food burger restaurant may hang signage near the waiting lines reading "Text BURGER to 12345" and the customer could immediately receive a text message that provides a coupon.     
The customer's cell number is then stored in the company's database and can be used to send out future coupons, specials, events and company news to that customer along with all other customers who also opt-in. A consumer may opt-out of any text marketing campaign by simply replying "STOP" to the same short code they texted the keyword to. According to Anthony Wayne of The Text Message Blog, the opt-out rate is only 3%.
Also attractive to consumers is the ease of joining a text marketing program. There's no form to fill out, no need to visit a website, all that’s needed is to use that little device that everyone has, their cell phone, and send a quick text message.
Once someone opts into your program, their cell phone becomes your billboard, as your brand and promotions are steadily displayed on their phone.

Text Marketing is for all businesses because the response rates dwarf those of traditional advertising. No matter what size business you are, you can become a mobile marketer within hours and start using a shared short code.

So what do you have to lose?
Try it out and see the results.

Benefits of Starting a Text Marketing Campaign:



·         People who subscribe to your Text Marketing program do so because they are interested in  your products and/or services

·         These subscribers are asking you to provide them with your promotions

·         Reach your customers instantly with special offers and promotions anytime, anywhere

·         90-95% of your subscribers will read your message within 15 minutes of receiving it

·         Once someone opts into your program, their cell phone becomes your billboard, as your brand & promotions are steadily displayed on their phone

·         Use your Text Marketing program to send any promotional text messages you choose, such as coupons, reminders, product specials, new product announcements and store events

·         The industry average for redemption of mobile coupons is 20%

·         With the rise of cell phone usage, Text Message Marketing has become the new billboard of our age

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